Everlight is All in Four’s first official album, released in November 2019. It features twelve tracks spanning a variety of styles and, at the same time, carrying the core elements of rock music – guitars, drums, bass, and so on.


The tracks featured in the album are a patchwork of the many compositions the band developed over the course of a decade. The earliest songs are “The Hook’s Gotta Rock”, the band’s very first composition, dating back to September 2008, and “Things Come Up”, initially composed in 2009 but greatly adapted over the course of the years.

The first song to be produced was “Living in My Own Cage”, on April 21, 2018. The song had been composed and shelved as early as 2013, and the band members quickly took a liking to it when selecting the album’s songs at a later time – to the point of deeming it an ideal opener for the collection, with its powerful vibe and thought-provoking lyrics.

The flagship of the album was originally intended to be the track entitled “Towards the Sunset”, which is considered by the band members as their most representative piece. It was composed in early 2015 and greatly appreciated by everyone to whom they presented it, projecting some popularity for the band with the title. Their choice to make the song the last track in the album was influenced by this fact.

Here you can listen to one of our songs from the album Everlight;

 “We Won’t Turn Back”  |,,|,


The song “How Would You Feel” had a strong influence from singer/songwriter Ray von Schmalz. It was originally composed by him along with All in Four’s leader, Lefty, as early as 2014. Later, All in Four drastically adapted the song, shifting it to a completely electronic style and adding solos for each main instrument.

The song “The Hook’s Gotta Rock”, having been the band’s first composition, is ironically one of the tracks which suffered the fewest modifications over the course of time. The synthesizer and guitar solos, for instance, are practically identical to their original composition in September 2008.

The song “Things Come Up” was composed in 2009 as a swing-beat song, making strong use of “tuplets” in its metric. Due to lack of technical knowledge, the 15-year-old Lefty copyrighted the song’s melody in a flat, 4/4 metric, for registration’s sake. In a completely unrelated twist of events, the band reworked the whole song from the ground as late as 2018, without the slightest awareness of the original registration blunder. The song ended up as a genuine 4/4, accidentally rectifying the prior score sheet registration.