Band Members

Lead singer – Viktor “Lefty” von Schmalz

Born October 11, 1993, Lefty has always shown a deep interest and affinity for music. As early as age 5, he participated in his father’s recordings in a home studio by providing backing vocals he composed himself, by ear. At age 6, he learned the basics of synthesizers, mastering the flexible electronic key instrument in short order.

  Starting at age 11, he composed a variety of instrumental tracks which would later make up the iconic tunes to be featured in All in Four media such as games and animations. At age 14, he composed the band’s very first rock song – “The Hook’s Gotta Rock” – along with the other members of the band. The lyrics of the song prophesized the band’s hardships and rise to success.

  Today he does not consider himself a skilled performer at any particular instrument, but he takes pride in his abilities in composition and orchestration. As a mediocre drummer, bassist, acoustic guitarist and slightly more experienced synth player and singer, his pride lies in how eclectic and original his performance is, rather than how proficient or impressive it is.

Lead guitarist – Luke Angeloni

Born February 1, 1993, Luke is the band’s oldest member. He started his venture in the world of music at age 14, playing the guitar and gaining great interest in the instrument. In short order, he pursued professional training and truly mastered every aspect of both acoustic and electric guitars.

  While all four band members have become competent guitarists, Luke was the only member to genuinely master the instrument at a professional level. Having acquired knowledge even in physical crafting of guitars, he has personally built several of his own instruments.

  Also a graphic designer and design thinking specialist, Luke takes it upon himself to oversee the band’s promotion and public presence, such as being the primary manager of the band’s social media.

Bassist – Luiz “Litty” Angeloni

Born September 2, 1994, Litty is the band’s youngest member. Brother to Luke, the band’s lead guitarist, and cousin to Lefty, the band leader, Litty grew up closely connected to the other band members. As early as age 13, he joined his older brother in his musical career, playing the acoustic guitar and eventually settling on the bass guitar as his main instrument.

  Litty is known for his patience and reliability. Easily one of the band’s friendliest and most easygoing members, there is very little he wouldn’t do. An interesting piece of trivia about him is that, unlike the other band members, he is known for never employing resources such as automated loops in recording, choosing to pull through manually every time, regardless of how repetitive the track may be.

Drummer – Fernando “Lopy” Elias

Lopy was born on April 3, 1993. As the only band member not related by family, he met Lefty in elementary school in 2006 and started a great, lifelong friendship with the three band members back then. He has always displayed an eclectic taste in music, bringing in influences from a variety of alternative styles as opposed to Lefty’s country and punk music, Luke’s metal music and Litty’s bass jams.

  He is one of the band’s original founders, along with Lefty. He started his musical career back then, at age 14, as an acoustic guitarist, also dabbling at synthesizers, backing vocals and any other instrument he had a chance to play, albeit at a casual level. He settled as a professional drummer in 2011, but to the present day he enjoys making music with other instruments on occasion.

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